Hotel for Dogs

Our Hotel for Dogs is situated in the picturesque Stellenbosch countryside, nestled in-between the Stellenbosch mountains and the Winelands. Our facilities comprise of 34 modern, spacious, airy and comfortable indoor rooms. All rooms are tiled and each room has a door that opens up into a private, outside, grass run or artificial grassed area. Here visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and do some, through-the-fence socialization, when not out playing in our communal play paddocks.

All doors leading to the outside areas , are closed and secured at night time. Each room comes furnished with an elevated bed. Extra blankets and heaters are provided when required. Dog tired after all the play and ready for bed, we play canine calming music in our room areas. This creates a mood of calm and tranquility, treasured by all.

This is Zimzala K9 Hotel

What you need to know about Zimzala K9 Hotel

  1. If you are an existing customer, you can simply email or phone us your request. Our booking system has got you covered. We will respond by emailing you a Provisional Confirmation, highlighting and conditions such as vaccinations or documentation that requires updating. Once all the conditions are met, the status will be change to "Confirmed Booking" of which you will receive an email copy.
  2. If you are a new Zimzala customer, we require you to complete these forms first and email them back to us:

Pdf Zimzala Agreement Downloads Zimzala Agreement
Pdf Zimzala Customer Information Downloads Customer Information

We strive to provide our customers with peace of mind that their beloved dogs will enjoy his or her stay in a disease free environment. Our facilities are proudly disease free and we ask your assistance in keeping it that way. Before acceptance of a reservation, guests must be up to date with their annual vaccinations and all dogs must be on an ongoing tick & flea treatment as well as a regular deworming program. A copy of the "up-to-date" Vaccination Certificate is required for our records and must be submitted in advance with the required documentation. Dog owners that prefer not to vaccinate their dog with the annual "5-in-1" vaccination, have to provide us with a Titer test certificate that confirms their dog has sufficient disease immunity. Confirm with your local vet that the following vaccinations are up-to-date :

Vaccination Description Frequency
Kennel Cough(Bordetella) Common disease in kennel environment Every 12 months
Rabies Required by law Every 3 years
5-in-1 (DHLPP) 5 most common dread diseases Every 12 months
De-worming/ Tick & Flea Consult your vet for treatment At least every 6 months

As a matter of course we expect your dog/s to be tick and flea- and worm- free. Should we find any traces of the afore mentioned we will immediately apply the necessary preventative remedial treatment for the owner's account. All vaccinations have to be administered at least 2 weeks prior to arrival.

To ensure maximum peace and harmony amongst all our K9 visitors, we have the following admission restrictions :

  1. Only well socialized dogs with good manners are welcome. Aggressive and destructive behaviour towards other dogs, personnel and facilities are not allowed.
  2. We do not accommodate dogs of the "Fighting" or "Bull-" breeds. However, we do make some exceptions for dogs of the above breeds and only during our "low season", when our facilities can adequately cope with the special demands of these breeds.
  3. Also note that dominant, unneutered dogs, cannot be allowed in our "free" play paddocks and will have to be isolated when necessary.

In case you wish to cancel your reservation for Fido, the following will apply:

  1. Cancel 5 weeks prior to commencement of reservation All deposit monies will be refunded less R50 administration fee
  2. Cancel 21 days prior to commencement of reservation 70% of deposit monies will be refunded
  3. Cancel 3 weeks prior to commencement of reservation All deposit monies will be forfeited

We will gladly administer all required medication and special care as per your instructions. In the event of an emergency or ailment, our local vet will deal with the situation. No illness or condition will go unattended, nor shall any dog be allowed to pine away.

For all after hours emergencies we will utilise the most suitable 24/7 Animal Hospital.

The absolute highlight of every dog and puppy's stay at Zimzala are the daily, exercise and play sessions that takes place within our fenced and lawed paddocks. Well-socialized dogs, with stable temperaments are allowed the opportunity to play and mingle with other guests for as long as they desire. 

During these play sessions, dogs will do what dogs do best i.e. chase balls, sniff bums, soak in a water through, chase each others tails or just chat with one another. 

Any dog that displays aggressive behaviour towards other guests will be separated and allowed to play in their own fenced paddock when available.

This service is available on- or off-leash, depending on the dogs' temperament and recall ability. It is an extra service offered, and does not replace the usual daily exercise sessions that are included within the normal boarding rates. All forest walks must be booked in advance. (See Rates page for details).

Housekeeping is a major focus area. Only the highest standards of health and hygiene are up-held with regards to cleaning of rooms, handling of food/water bowls and the management of all bedding material. The rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. Our facilities are flea free and we aim to keep it that way - Please assist us in this regard! 

Note: Doggy owners are welcome to provide their dog/s own pillows and blankets, provided it is clean and shown to be parasite free. Dog owners are responsible for the replacement cost of any Zimzala bedding and mattresses that are damaged by your pooches during their stay.

We offer a collection and drop-off service for K9 Hotel guests. If you do want to make use of this service, please ensure to request the service when making a reservation. (Consult our Rates page for detail on Zone rates)

Zimzala - We care for and about dogs!
Dog heaven right here in the heart of the Stellenbosch Winelands.