Zimzala K9 Training

A powerful investment in your ongoing canine relationships.

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Our goal is to assist dogs and their owners to experience the joy of true companionship and love in the life shared. As with most relationships, a good understanding of each other and effective communication is key. To achieve this goal we focus on;

  1. Understanding the nature of their K9 companions - what is normal dog behaviour and to work with their dogs natural instincts instead of against
  2. How to provide their dogs with a fulfilled and enriched life, wich leads to a happy content animal
  3. Developing and buidling their dogs temperament; resulting in a focused, owner orientated, balanced and calm companion.

Zimzala K9 Training

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What you need to know about Zimzala K9 Training School

Puppy Start Right Preschool 
(Trainer Amanda de Wet a KPCA Puppy Start Right Preschool Instructor Course graduate and puppy class assistant Wendy Nel)

Positive puppy socilization with other puppies, new people and exploring new interesting environments. Game based training aimed at relationship building, training concepts and aquiring real life skills. This 8 week course is aimed at puppies 9 weeks to 4.5 months of age. All breeds welcome.

Perfect Pups
(Trainer Amanda de Wet)

Continued socilization and relationship building exercises through game based training. Maintaining focus and fun, teaching impulse control, building calmness and rewarding good decision making. Foundation training and preparation for the KUSA Canine Good Citizen Bronze Test. This 8 week course is aimed at puppies from 4.5 to 10 months of age. All breeds welcome.

Young to Adult Training
(Trainer Ilse Fourie)

The principles of fun, relationship building, game based training continous. Strengthening focus, orientation to owner, enhancing calmness and impulse control. Building on basic foundations in preparation for the KUSA Canine Good Citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold Tests. This 8 week course is aimed at dogs 9 months in to adulthood. All breeds welcome.

Gundog Beginner Basics - Retriever Training
(Trainer Amanda de Wet)

Breed appropriate retriever and gundog training, fulfilling the inherent need, to do the job gundogs were bred for. This ongoing course is aimed at dogs from the retriever breeds who aim to compete in gundog club tests, KUSA retriever trials and/or owners who participate to provide a fun life enriching activity for their gundogs.

Contact Us:

Send your enquiry to training@zimzala.co.za

Private (1-on-1) Training
(Trainers Amanda de Wet and Ilse Fourie)

Individul consultations and training sessions, aimed at addressing your and your dogs specific needs, can be arranged. A training consultation generally lasts an hour and can be accommodated on or off the Zimzala premises. Aimed at dogs of all breeds and ages.

In-House Training (Fido's Boot Camp)
(Trainers Amanda de Wet and Ilse Fourie)

Two and Four week in-house training programs are available. These programs are aimed at dog 6 months and older. General foundation training will be offered, addressing training aspects such as focus, building calmness and impulse control with specidic attention to basic cues such a Sit, Down, Wiat/Stay, Leave it, Whistle Recall and Onlead/Loose Leash Walking.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is not suited to dogs that display abnormal behaviour disorders such as overt fear, anxiety, dog and/or human directed aggression. Kindly contact our trainiers for more details.

Contact Us:

Send your enquiry to training@zimzala.co.za

At the end of each training term, we present the opportunity to all our students to participate in the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA) Canine Good Citizen Tests. During the end of term tests days we invite an official KUSA qualified judge to evaluate the Bronze, Silver and Gold tests and award certification to the dog & handler teams that qualify.
As an official KUSA Obedience judge Amanda de Wet also offers the opportunity, for those students interested to participate in the Elementary, Beginner and Novice Obedience tests, set to meet the standard as set out in Schedule 5A - Regulations For Obedience Classes, in preparation to compete and qualify at official KUSA Obedience Competition events.

CGC Certificate Requirements

  • CGC Bronze Test
  • CGC Silver Test and Care & Responsibility Section 1
  • CGC Gold Test and Care and Responsibility Section 2

  • We are very proud of all our students who have achieved wonderful results and recognition for their hard work. You can view their details in our Achievers Hall of Fame. br>

    Amanda de Wet - Dog Trainer and Animal Behaviourist

    Amanda de Wet   Amanda loves all animals and especially dogs. She grew up in a family where there were always family pets and dogs present. At the age of 22, she welcomed Tasha, her first Yorkshire Terrier into her life.

    Over the years a further 3 Yorkies joined the family and they all reached ripe old ages. It was only 18 years later that she imported her first Flatcoated Retriever - "Liquorice". This led the way to a great interest in dog training and eventually instructing and animal behaviour. The dream of Zimzala was born.

    Driven by the desire to know as much as humanly possible about her passion - dogs, she is constantly reading and learning; remaining current in all things dog by attending seminars, workshops and certified courses in her quest to improve her ability and skill as a trainer - Qualifications.

    In 2013 she was instrumental in organising and hosting the Progressive Reinforcement Seminar presented by world renowned dog trainer Emily Larlham, promoting positive reinforcement training, using gentle force free, non-confrontational and intimidation free methods of dog training. Choosing to focus on and reward the behaviour that we do want from our dogs, instead of harping on the negative.

    She shares her home with her her family, 4 Flatcoated Retrievers, an English Springer Spaniel and a Jack Russell Terrier  She trains and works all her dogs in a variety of disciplines, proving their worth and achieving results in all fields. She believes the route to a true friendship with her dogs, their relationship of trust and wholehearted loving, lies in training, working and relaxing together. Owners should enrich the lives of their dogs through structured activities, strenghthen that closeness through handling and grooming. In so doing they will be able to keep their ear tuned, to hear what their dogs have to say about each and every aspect of their shared lives."

    Amanda is responsible for the Puppy, Gundog and Private Training in addition to training our "Boot Camp" visitors.

    Ilse Fourie - Dog Trainer and Animal Behaviourist

    Ilse Fourie  

    Ilse has had a lifelong fascination with behaviour and a deep love and passion for all four legged creatures, especially dogs. Growing up she had two dogs, a small Maltese rescue and Border Collie as well as a cat. They were her childhood best friends and she trained them all, even attempting to get the cat to walk on a lead!

    It was clear that from a young age Ilse relished in imagining and creating worlds, so it only seemed natural that she would pursue studies in drama. Her focus was not on acting, but rather writing and directing; figuring out why a character says what they say and act in a particular way.

    She delighted in this study of behaviour; the reason we do things, what motivates us and decided to also study psychology during her undergraduate degree. Fast forward a few years and Ilse completed her Masters Degree at UCT. 

    After a stint in marketing and PR, Ilse developed her own communication and voice-training course. This enabled her to help people become more comfortable and confident with the way they speak and how to effectively communicate. 

    She became involved with dog training again after adopting a small, bouncy boy from the Cape Dachshund Rescue and tried her hand at positive reinforcement and clicker training since early 2015. She has her CertCAB (Animal Behaviour and Ethology certificate) from the Centre Of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPESA) and is studying towards her DipCABT Diplomas at COAPESA. 

    Her goal as a trainer and teacher is to ensure that her clients have a happy and manageable dog who will find learning a joy. 

    Ilse has a soft spot and passion for rescues. She volunteered for the Cape Dachshund Rescue and DARG and currently volunteers for the Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch Team. Ilse is responsible for the Young to Adult Training, instructing CGC Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates, Private Training (1-on-1) in addition to training our "Boot Camp" visitors.

    Zimzala Bare Bones

    Zimzala Icon   All visiting dogs are to be on a lead at ALL times. This is for your dog’s safety.
    Zimzala Icon   No on-lead socializing! Please respect the personal space of other dogs.
    Zimzala Icon   Off-lead roaming are only allowed within the indicated training paddocks and only under supervision of class instructor.
    Zimzala Icon   Do not approach a benched dog i.e. a dog without its owner/handler tied to a stake, pole or benching area.
    Zimzala Icon   If required always bench your dogs away from activity or parked cars.
    Zimzala Icon   Whilst attending training classes, visitors have access to indicated training areas only.
    Zimzala Icon   Please note that Zimzala K9 Hotel Facilities and Residential Areas are off limits to all visitors.
    Zimzala Icon   Whilst children are welcomed at our facilities, parents must ensure that they don’t disrupt classes or distract dogs from their training.
    Zimzala Icon   Children are not allowed to play/climb on fences, training and agility equipment.
    Zimzala Icon   Please pick-up all your dog's droppings. We have special scoops for this purpose in every paddock.
    Zimzala Icon   Please make use of rubbish bins.
    Zimzala Icon   If you have to smoke on the premises, please dispose of cigarette buts in an appropriate manner - extinguish and throw in the rubbish bins.
    Zimzala Icon   Dogs, not enrolled in classes, are not allowed on the premises. You may come across our jay walking resident dogs and cat from time to time. Kindly look out for them and treat them with respect - they live here.
    Zimzala Icon   Always drive slowly when entering the premises. There are free roaming animals, children, rabbits, turkeys, peacocks, cats and dogs  that roam free!!

    Zimzala - We care for and about dogs!
    Dog heaven right here in the heart of the Stellenbosch Winelands.